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California Vocational and Technical Schools

About the Database

RWM provides a database of Private Postsecondary Vocational Schools in all 50 states. It is organized first by State, then by Training Occupation.

Included are private schools that offer certificates, diplomas, associate (junior college) degrees, and bachelor (college) degrees in various Business, Trade and Technical disciplines.

The RWM Vocational School database includes Online schools, including information on getting a high school diploma online from an accredited online high school.

Choosing a School

All the schools listed in the database are State Approved/Accredited. Accreditation is a voluntary process a school may request after State approval for two consecutive years. Accredited schools may offer federal financial aid such as Stafford and Perkins loans or Pell grants. Stafford loans require no financial qualification, Perkins loans are funded by the school at low interest rates, and Pell grants are heavily dependent on the student's financial situation. Contact the financial aid officer at the school to provide you with the necessary documents for student aid programs. Many student aid documents are now online.

Before choosing a school, review the content of the curriculum and meet with the school administrator and instructors, if possible. Ask about placement services and placement rates and for the names and telephone numbers of previous graduates. Talk to students presently in class. Previous students dissatisfied with the training offered may have contacted the State/Accrediting commission. Contact them and ask about recent complaints and how they were resolved. The school's catalog should have the address and telephone number of the State/Accrediting commission. You may also contact the State Department of Education.

About RVM's California Schools

Accredited California vocational and technical schools are plentiful, from San Diego to Los Angeles to San Francisco. The need for educated workers is a top concern for the state, which has become the world's seventh largest economy. A California vocational school can lead you to a fulfilling and lucrative career in many industries.

California is a leading producer of computer and electronics products, which means there is high demand for workers with relevant and practical classroom experience in information technology, computer information systems, computer network systems and other related fields. An appropriate certificate or degree earned through a California vocational school program can lead you to a great career in California's ever-growing computer and technology industries.

The California economy isn't just about computers. The state is also a major exporter of goods in agriculture, machinery, and transportation equipment, and it's a leader in healthcare and other industries. In California, there are opportunities for students completing any vocational school program.

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Additional Resources

For more information regarding Vocational Schools visit: http://www.rwm.org/ or talk with your school counselor.

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