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Available Modules

Assignment Based Discussions

Length: 10 mins
Outcomes: adding an assignment, adding and replying to discussion items

All assignments have a discussion board. When a registered student makes a comment or asks a question about an assignment, the post appears on the homepages of all the other students with the same assignment, as well as on the teacher's homepage.  Students can get help with work they don't understand, find out what they missed while absent, and work together—all while remaining accountable.

Bottomless Digital Lockers

Length: 20 mins
Outcomes: managing files, links, folders, and zip folders, personal vs. course lockers

Users are given a bottomless web-based digital locker for 24/7 access to important files.  Lockers have automatic backup and archiving to ensure a files is never “lost.”

Collaborative Groups

Length: 30 mins
Outcomes: creating, joining, and participating

Groups are a helpful medium to collaborate with others. They allow you to plan and implement projects, carry on discussions, and share resources. Both district-wide and school site level groups are possible.  Membership can consist of any registered user.  Example uses of groups include extra curricular activities, special interest groups, departments, curriculum planning, and parent organizations.

Collaborative Groups Document

Course Centers

Length: 15 mins
Outcomes: Hub Overview, Assignments List, Gradebooks List, Roster Manager, Site Map

Course Centers are the hub for the courses you teach and are divided into two sections: Student Performance and Course Tools. The Student Performance section highlights trends in student grades over the past week. In the Course Tools section you’ll find all your Gradebooks, a Roster Manager, a map of your course site, and a list of all your assignments.

Daily Email Home

Length: 10 mins
Outcomes: email contents and settings

All users receive an email with custom set of relevant news, events, and assignments.  Information automatically changes content if a student changes classes or teachers.

Digital Homework Drop Box

Length: 15 mins
Outcomes: submitting work, viewing submissions

In school sites with gradebook, registered students can submit work for any gradebook assignment directly to the teacher’s account.  An archive is kept with date and time stamps of each submission for the student and the teacher.

District & School Streamlined News, Events

Length: 15 mins
Publishing News allows you to share important information targeted to specific groups at your school.  News will display on the daily email and Portal Page of all persons to whom it was directed.

Grade Reporting: Counselors

Length: 30 mins
Outcomes: setting up grade windows, monitoring and verifying submissions

The Grade Export System provides counselors the tools to: create marking periods that provide teachers with a window of opportunity to submit grades directly from their School Loop account and monitor the submissions by teachers. 

Note:  This module is delivered by Dayna Russell and is available to school site counselors and/or site designated staff responsible for generating AERIES report cards. 

Grade Submission: Teachers (7-12)

Length: 15 mins
Outcomes: overview, general FAQ's

School Loop’s Grade Reporting System allows teachers (7-12) to submit report card grades. It is integrated with School Loop gradebook which eliminates the hassle of entering grades by hand from another source.   During the Grade Reporting Window, teachers can submit grades from school or home at any hour of the day.

High Priority Groups

Length: 30 mins
Outcomes: brainstorming uses, creating, modifying, and deleting high priority groups
High Priority Groups allow administrators to focus teacher attention on students who meet any set of criteria you define, and allow you to post resources to help teachers work with those students.
Note: This module is for admin only.

Loop Mail

Length: 20 mins
LoopMail is a safe and secure email system. It is a member-only, in-network system. Members send emails using their real names, so there’s never a question about who sent what. Student mail can be monitored for added security. Parents can easily contact teachers and school administrators with a few clicks.

Intervention Discussions

Length: 20 mins
Outcomes: finding intervention area, basic protocols, adding, and replying to discussions 
Teachers, counselors and administrators can collaborate as a team regarding areas of concern with a student. Use Intervention Notes to communicate and propose solutions with the student's teachers, counselors and other members of the education team. The more adults that learn about a problem and can intervene, the more likely that problem - and the student - won't slip though the cracks.

Parent & Student Accounts

Length: 10 mins
Outcomes: how to register parents and students, helpful documentation, approvals, challenges, student login help

Both parents and students can register for school loop accounts.  Doing so allows students to turn work In online, participate in assignment discussions, email their teachers directly through LoopMail and store documents and links in their digital locker.  Parent can check homework, grades, and attendance online. They can participate in group discussions and see school news in real-time and with the click of one button, email one or all of their student's teachers.


Registration Document

Personal Portals

Length: 30 mins
Outcomes: overview of each aspect of the personal portal.

Each user has an online portal that pulls their relevant information into one convenient location. Check homework, grades, and attendance online. Participate in group discussions and see school news in real-time. Track assignment due dates, quizzes, tests and events on your personal calendar. Parents and students can even email one or all their teachers with one click.

Shared & Personal Calendars

Length: 20 mins
Outcomes: adding, modifying, and deleting events
Every school, district, and member homepage have calendars that displays classroom, group, team, and other school events.  Items can be published to any of these calendars with just a few clicks.

Student Publishers

Length: 15 mins
Students learn responsibility and leadership when assigned publishing rights by their teachers. Content for teacher pages, course pages, assignments, clubs, and more can be created and posted by students. Once approved by the teacher, this content is live on the school website. Best of all teachers save time and have great web sites!

Student Records

Length: 30 mins
Outcomes: Features and Uses

Teachers, administrators, counselors, and other school staff who have a stake in a student's success have access to all student-related data in one place.  The Student Record displays everything from assignments, grades, and work turned in, to Intervention Notes and membership in High Priority Groups.


Student Records Document

Student Trackers

Length: 15 mins
The Student Tracker allows users to create a "roster" of students. Coaches, counselors, administrators, people without rosters, can keep an eye on selected students with ease.  Click on a student's name in Student Tracker list to see his or her Student Record -- grades, homework and more. You can discuss the student's progress or behavior with other teachers, add files to his or her record, review submitted work, and more.

Seating Charts

Length: 15 mins
Teachers can save time using the online seating chart. Add and subtract seats from the grid, then rearrange them to reflect any classroom layout using drag-and-drop. Setup is instantaneous and painless thanks to SIS integration that automatically adds or removes students from class rosters. Teachers can drag students to their assigned places or let the system seat the students alphabetically or randomly. When all the students are in their proper place, the chart can be printed for quick reference.

Trend & Progress Reporting

Length: 15 mins
In school sites with gradebook, student performance trends appear in course centers which show variances up or down from the current grades to the last published progress report. The list also provides quick links to information about the listed students including: link to their student record, link to current grade and progress, link to email any member of the students education team.

Web-based Gradebooks

Basic Module Length: 1hr
Basic Module Outcomes:  gradebook setup and managementgrade scales, assignment creation and management, assignment scoresheet, student scoresheet,  publishing grades, reporting grades

Advanced Module Length: 1hr
Advanced Module Outcomes: reports, custom codes and progress reports, drop-box submissions, weighting, extra credit, transfer grades, drop lowest score, dropped students, mode-special views

School sites with gradebook have a web-based gradebook which is automatically backed up and updated with current enrollment.  Features include: categories and weighting, reports, trending, and digital drop box for homework submission.

Website Publishing

Basic Module Length: 45 mins
Basic Module Outcomes: Getting to your website, homepage vs. course page, rich-text editor element,  photo element, rearranging elements, hyperlinks
Advanced Module Length: 1hr
Advanced Module Outcomes: working with advanced elements, resource files, adding pages and mini-sites, reordering pages, hyperlinking images, embedding flash video, my site settings
School staff can place calendars, news, lockers, slideshows, blogs, podcasts, and text elements anywhere on the page. Completed in just minutes, their pages reflect the image they -- and you -- want to present to families, staff, and the community at large.